Relationship and the Opposition

As I sat down in worship this morning, I was almost immediately engulfed in grief and fear – the feelings I’ve been struggling with since the November election and its aftermath – which, for me, is terrifying. As I sat with those feelings, I felt grateful for the space of worship and the community gathered in worship – a place where my feelings could be held.

My thoughts and heart then went to a prayer I’ve been carrying: asking God to show me what my work is in these frightening times.

Here is what emerged.

I have not wanted to talk with or listen to the people who voted for a person and a party who seem intent on destroying our democracy. How do I, how do we engage with people with whom we vehemently – even violently – disagree? I felt a clear sense that, somehow, I need to find a way to engage with them – or, to start with, just one person – a person willing to sit with me with an open heart and mind and to listen to each other with generosity and good will. Is that even possible? I don’t know. I just know that now it’s been laid on my heart to try.

I also feel such a strong sense that our response must be communal. That as individuals, we are too isolated in our efforts. We need to find our way through this together, and we need to keep our individual actions grounded in community and in the Spirit. We need to encourage each other, challenge each other, love each other – arms and hearts linked in the good that is still present in abundance.

These are the queries I continue to sit with, praying that I will be faithful to what’s laid on my heart. Maybe you want to sit with them to.

What is being asked of me?

What is being asked of you?

What is being asked of us as a community? (Whatever community you are part of.)