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In all that I offer, it is my joy and honor to serve BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and military individuals and families.

— Mary Kay Glazer

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Do you have upcoming milestone moments in your life?
Contact me to work with you to create a fully personalized,
ceremony to commemorate your important life events:
weddings, memorials, baby blessings,
house blessings, retirements, and more

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Upcoming Events

Winter Solstice: Virtual Workshop Series 2020
Online Workshop
December 21, 2020
4:00 – 8:30 pm
Register Here

This year’s solstice is more mystical than usual–there is an amazing planetary event happening, the “Great Conjunction”! Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets, will be in alignment on December 21 – which happens only every 20 years. This astronomical union gives us a chance to look at how our lives align with the interplay of dark and light in the world. Where are the great conjunctions in your life in this time of upheaval and disruption? What is in alignment and what is not? You can explore those questions in this experiential retreat.

Please create a sacred space for yourself to participate in the Zoom retreat. Have a candle nearby. Gather up whatever art supplies you have. Also have a box that has at least one side open. It can be any size, but it should be large enough for you to arrange and possibly glue items in it

Also, be prepared to spend some time outdoors, wherever you are.

We will enjoy supper together via Zoom as part of this retreat, so please have your meal ready so that you have minimal preparation when it is time to eat.



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