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In all that I offer, it is my joy and honor to serve BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people of all races, and military individuals and families.

— Mary Kay Glazer

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Upcoming Events

Exploring Eldering as Spiritual Nurture

With Elaine Emily

June 4, 2022

This is an in-person / online hybrid event.

Register at Friends United Meeting.

The role and function of spiritual elder is an important one in our meetings, even as it is also often misunderstood. In many ways, elders are those among us who help keep us grounded in Spirit as we live out our faith in our meetings and in the world. If you are curious about what it means to be a Quaker elder today, and/or if you would like to encourage this ministry in the meeting, please join us for this workshop.

Elaine Emily is a spiritual director and lifelong seeker. Her current exploration of eldering has been informed by her life experiences as a mother, grandmother, and social worker, as well as her mystical experiences and connections with a variety of different faith communities and social activists. She has traveled extensively among Quakers as an elder and facilitating workshops about eldering.
Mary Kay Glazer is a spiritual director, retreat leader, Life-Cycle Celebrant and writer. She began learning about Quaker eldering at a workshop in the mid-2000s, after which Elaine Emily invited her to a small gathering of elders to tell their eldering stories. What a wonderful journey it has been! She lives in Greenville, NC, with her husband. They are members of Rich Square Monthly Meeting (NCYM-C) and Greenville NC Quaker Worship Group.




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